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Home Theater Designs

Today homeowners can choose to design a dedicated home theater room or to create a multi-purpose family room with a home theater system.

Many new home owners today plan a home theater room into their blue prints while working with their contractor on the home design. It is ideal to plan your home theater room before the construction of your new home begins. It will save you money, increase the value of your home and greatly enhance your sound and audio experience.

DADS Electronics offers free on-site and in-store consultation. For the best service, installation and electronics, call DADS before planning your home theater room. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will guide you through each step from the planning to the installation of your high quality home theater system.

DADS will work with your new home contractors in establishing the needs and timing of the installation of structured wiring, surround sound, in-wall speakers, TV systems and projection screen systems. Home theater rooms can vary in price from approximately $8,000 to $100,000 depending on the homeowners' preferences.

For the person who wants to create a movie theater experience, dedicating a home theater room is best for watching movies and Blue Ray DVDs. The viewing experience is like being in a theater with similar lighting and decoration added into the room. Most often a front screen projection with screen sizes between 80" to 150" is the main viewing focus. As far as the screen sizes are determined it's good to keep in mind that the more field of vision, the more believable the experience becomes for the viewer. Prices versus level of performance, picture depth and quality have continued to be more attractive for customers wanting a home theater room.

Highlight or stealth home theater designs will compliment your home. Highlight installations allow the equipment to show, while stealth hides all the equipment and components. Home projection theater rooms are planned with the system design in mind for the ultimate in viewing.

Name brands such as Sony, Paradigm, NAD, Anthem and Runco brought to you by DADS Electronics offer quality viewing and sound for your home theater entertainment. Most products carried by DADS come with a three to five year warranty.

Home theater systems for family rooms are extremely popular and more affordable than ever. The professionals at DADS Electronics are there for you to give advice and guidance that will bring you satisfaction.

Transforming your existing family room into a home theater room is never a problem. You can rely on DADS for a beautiful, affordable system and quality installation every time. Your new home theater room can be ready in just two weeks.

You're invited to experience the vibrancy and clarity of the newest technology within the comfort of DADS sound and viewing rooms. Open during all store hours, Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm, Saturday, 10am to 5pm, and evenings, by appointment, you're free to relax in these three rooms at your leisure. DADS prompt, friendly staff is ready to help you when you're ready for your home theater system.

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