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Your lighting needs at work and home change throughout the day. As your activities change from working to reading to computer use to watching television or having a relaxing or romantic dinner, your lighting should be able to adapt to those changes. With an eye on design, ease of use, and a mind toward your lighting needs, we can create a lighting system that compliments your lifestyle.

Imagine being able to adjust your blinds to control sunlight, creating shade, or letting in just the right amount of light in order to enjoy the seasons or time of day. Or perhaps you'd like to go from working on your computer to relaxing with a book. Both require different amounts of light, and we can help you create a convenient, functional approach toward dealing with your changing needs. From creating favorite settings to allowing you to choose and adjust your lighting via a master keypad or by remote, you can change your visual environment at the touch of a button.

But our lighting solutions are not just restricted to the home. Selecting the right lighting can aid in productivity in the work place. We can design a lighting scheme that fits all of your business needs. Our advanced technology, quality products, and professional installation will allow you to manage your business lighting needs with ease. Visit DADS for a consultation today!

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