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Are you tired of handling three or more remotes with your home entertainment system? Now you can combine them all into just one with the RTI High Tech Remote at DADS Electronics.

With its easy to follow touch, control panel, you can navigate through options within your entire entertainment center including your standard TV or HDTV set, VCR and DVD players, satellite and cable television, surround sound and many other items, all with just one remote. Smartly designed, the RTI Remote can also turn on lights and retract your projection screen TV.

A touch of the screen turns your system on and off, and then allows you to view icons, which then enable you to choose your next selections. Easily, you will control your personal sound, viewing and entertainment options.

DADS Electronics will set an appointment with you to come to your location and program your RTI Remote for your personal preferences. It's as simple as that!

But, it doesn't stop there, because DADS expert staff is just a phone call or an e-mail away to answer your questions as you learn to use your high tech RTI Remote.

Enjoy the convenience and simplicity of the RTI Remote today. Talk with the experts, DADS Electronics, with over 30 years of quality electronics consultation, sales and service throughout the Northland.

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