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It's no secret that analog stereo equipment is making a comeback. For some of us, it never really went away. Some people just love the feel of old technology with its dials and buttons and knobs, or they love the crackle and pop of the needle as they lay it down on a vintage vinyl record. For those who trust the craftsmanship of older technology, to those who are discovering it anew for the first time through the resurgence of vinyl record production, to those who want to maintain the quality of sound, or those who want to restore a pawnshop or flee market find, DADS has the tools and techniques to put you back in touch with your favorite technology.

While the team at DADS recognizes cultural revival and renewal of interest in what some may consider outdated technology, we know that some of the best home stereo equipment was made in years gone by. Some equipment may not even be produced anymore. At DADS we understand that, and we are capable of repairing your equipment when others can't, or when a new replacement is either beyond your budget or unavailable due to discontinued manufacturing. Not only that, but you'll be doing your part by going green and helping the environment by recycling or reusing your technology instead of upgrading. We offer cost-efficient repairs and stand by our service. But our equipment repairs are not limited to the technology of yesteryear. We happen to know our way around the modern appliances as well.

So whether you're into the warmth of vinyl, or into the crisp, clear sounds of today's compact disc and mp3 players, or you just really dig 8-track and cassette tapes, you can turn to DADS with confidence to get your equipment up and running. Call now for an estimate!

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