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There’s no need to go it alone. Partnering with U.S.A. Central Station can add quality to the services you provide your customers and dollars to your bottom line!

If you are an alarm dealer or monitoring company, you can feel confident that our products and services rank among the best in the industry. Most of our 50+ employees have over 10 years of monitoring experience and a wealth of training in cutting-edge monitoring technology. You can be assured that our friendly and professional staff is qualified and eager to serve your customers.U.S.A. Central Station Alarm Corp.

Investing in technology that helps you run your business successfully!

What Are You Waiting For? In the security industry, you need the fastest response times and most reliable information just to stay competitive. With U.S.A. Central Station, you will get the speed and reliability you need. Consider this:
   83 percent of our alarms handled in 30 seconds or less
   71 percent of our alarms handled in fifteen seconds or less
   3 Central Station Sites to provide unsurpassed reliability
   2 Central Station sites give you even more redundancy

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