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Your home is equipped with a variety of sensors that detect many different aspects of your environment. From a thermostat that detects the temperature, alarms that keep track of the opening and closing of your doors, motion sensors that turn on lights, to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that protect you and your family from danger. It's a lot to keep track of. But imagine having one integrated system to alert you about any changes, malfunctions, or dangers in your home. DADS integrative solutions can help you create a “smart home” that puts surveillance and home control solutions together in one place, on the technology platform of your choice. DADS can create an all-in-one surveillance and home monitoring package that puts you in control. After all, what good is it to have a video of your home being broken into without notifying you when it's happening? What good are alarms if no one can hear them? Our integrated systems will allow you to observe and respond to changes in your home security as they are happening. Contact DADS today and we will get your home security integration on track.

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