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Custom sound and viewing systems, is what DADS Electronics is all about. Offering quality electronics and home theater products, combined with a knowledgeable, professional staff is what makes customers confident with their purchases and installations from DADS.

Blu-ray players along with HDTVs have taken audio and viewing to a much higher level of quality. Blu-ray came on the market with improvements to both picture and sound qualities. Most expect the high quality viewing that comes with Blu-ray but are surprised by the amazing sound track quality. These players are more affordable than ever and many are making the switch over to Blu-ray viewing. DVDs and CDs can now both be played so there is no need for separate equipment for you to play your favorite CDs.

There is a range of Blu-ray players in terms of quality therefore as you are considering your purchase it's a good idea to talk with a DADS first. The resolution is the same but the smoothness of color and images along with the sound reproduction will vary. Also, the caliber of the circuitry interfacing with your Blu-ray player will affect your overall quality of audio and video. Hands down, Blu-ray is definitely better.

For the best advice on your next Blu-ray purchase and how to integrate your system let us give you helpful advice. We'll be glad to assist you in planning your sound and video system. DADS sells, designs and installs home theater systems and equipment that fit your needs.

You're invited to experience the vibrancy and clarity of the newest technology within the comfort of DADS sound and viewing demonstration rooms. Open during all store hours, Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm, Saturday, 10am to 5pm, and evenings, by appointment.

DADS friendly staff is ready to help you when you're ready to explore the possibilities with your new home theater room.

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