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Driveway Sensors

The majority of home invasions occur in broad daylight, while homeowners are at work. In order to appear inconspicuous, burglars pass through the driveway – after all, any regular visitor to your home, including you yourself would do the same. That makes the driveway an important line of defense for your home, and DADS proudly offers driveway alarms to help keep your home safe.

Driveway sensors are both dependable and simple. Easy to install, they can be both wireless, buried under the driveway, or can be mounted just about anywhere. Should there be an intruder, you will be alerted before they ever reach your doorstep. Sensors send an immediate alert to a corresponding receiver in your home or business – some with a range of several miles – so you can monitor what's happening at your home with ease.

DADS offers devices that use motion detection and break-beam technology to identify intruders. But you don't need to stop at your driveway! You can put them in your yard, back porch, deck, or office building – virtually anyplace that you'd like to keep secure. We provide wireless systems to hand held, long range alarms that will alert you when you're away from home. Call to discuss your options today.

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